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Little Annie Fanny was likely not as sharp as Kurtzman's earliest satirical efforts like Mad or Fanny's direct descendant, Goodman Beaver especially since Hefner had script approval and he routinely pushed for more titillation , but it was still a great comic by two comic book masters.

  • Sex was just the key that unlocked the door.

  • Meanwhile Dona begins to figure out the racket, but becomes threatened by Murray's unwanted advances.

The client I created it for agreed to let me post it here, so others can enjoy it as well! Vaughan Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, Runaways and critically acclaimed artists Philip Bond Vinarama, Vertigo Pop and Eduardo Barreto Mr.

  • It was a clunky retcon, but it fixed a clunky problem.

  • In Afghanistan starring Ted Crane, art by George Mandel; vs.

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